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Gazpacho (sin pan) – Cold Tomato Soup (without bread)


(To make 1 liter of Gazpacho)

1 kilo of tomatoes
1 piece of onion (average small onion)
1 small clove garlic
1 Italian green pepper (of long not fat)
1 piece of cucumber (about 4 fingers wide) (optional)
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons white wine vinegar
And 1 small scoop of fine salt


1 kilo of tomatoes cut into pieces and throw them in the bowl of the mixer. If you do not have Blender, you can take the tomatoes in a pot and use a hand blender.
Take half a small onion, cut into several pieces and add it to the tomatoes.
Remove the tail hits the green pepper and seeds to fall. Cut the pepper into several pieces and the mixer.
Grab a piece of cucumber about four fingers wide. Peel it, cut it into pieces and put it with other vegetables.
Add a peeled garlic clove.
Now take three tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of vinegar.
also put a small teaspoon salt rasa. Cover the bowl of a blender and turn it on.
Leave it at maximum speed for two or three minutes to make it very very fine our gazpacho.
Finally test and if necessary add a little more salt and vinegar.
Now we just put the gazpacho in a jar and put in the fridge for at least two hours. And presto, you can now enjoy a well chilled gazpacho
To eat.

The Gazpacho was originally a recipe designed to seize the day-old bread and prepared with little more than bread, garlic, salt, oil and vinegar. Later pepper and tomato finally was included.

Who wants to prepare an authentic Gazpacho Andaluz will have to use only these ingredients .. Although my recipe does not take bread and this may seem counterintuitive because the Gazpacho as I said was basically bread, I choose to remove it, since it is so much lighter and refreshing and today that is what is sought when preparing gazpacho in summer

Onion and cucumber are not part of the original recipe but for my taste give a great point.

If you do not have time to cool gazpacho and die for taking the chilled gazpacho can add some ice in the glass that you serve and let cool slightly. Aguará is just a little and you take a good fresh gazpacho without having to wait 2 hours

You can also add ice directly to the pitcher but if you’re not going to take all the time if enough gazpacho gazpacho aguará when all the ice melts.

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