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Short Ribs – Sous-vide

Short Ribs

You can cook the ribs with different time and temperature. I choose 24 hours at 158F (method 4)

– Always finish with a very hot pan and the torch!!


 – Add the sauce you have prepared separately



You should prepare a nice red wine sauce


I prepared round fries potatoes. They match perfectly with the ribs. You can use mass potatoes as well. You need a side dish to mix the sauce and smooth the taste if the ribs, Perfect balance!!



1 Short Rib • 185 °F / 85 °C, 12 hours

This is a sous vide version of the conventional slow braise. The meat peels cleanly away from the rib bones, the texture is tender and flaky. You can see that ample gelatin—unwound from the tough collagen during the prolonged cooking—and oil rendered from the marbling coat the meat to give it succulence and rich flavor.

2 Short Rib • 185 °F / 85 °C, 24 hours

After another 12 hours of cooking, the texture has become very tender and flaky. The individual bundles of muscle fibers—the technical term is fascicles—practically fall apart with even a slight nudge.

3 Short Rib • 158 °F / 70 °C, 16 hours

By reducing our cooking temperature by 27 °F / 15 °C, we get a very different result from the same cut of beef short rib. The meat still comes away clean from the rib bones, and it is still visibly soft and tender, but it does not have the traditional flaking texture of braised meat. This preparation requires a knife to slice into it. How it eats is best described as somewhere between steak-like and braise-like.

4 Short Rib • 158 °F / 70 °C, 24 hours

After another 8 hours of cooking, the texture has started to become flaky. This is because more of the tough collagen that bundles muscle fibers together has not contracted as much as it does at higher cooking temperatures. The result: less juice has been squeezed from the meat and the resulting preparation is similar, but juicier, compared to a conventional braised cut of beef.

5 Short Rib • 144 °F / 62 °C, 24 hours

The texture of this version of beef short rib is visibly different than a braise. It looks and eats quite a bit like a tender beef strip loin steak. It has a slight chewiness, but it’s very juicy and has a very meaty flavor compared to conventional tender cuts of beef.

6 Short Rib • 144 °F / 62 °C, 48 hours

After doubling the cooking time from one to two days, the texture of our short rib is something truly unique and both difficult and impractical to achieve with conventional cooking techniques. This beef short rib is somewhere between the tenderness of a good steak and the succulence of a conventional braise.

7 Short Rib • 129 °F / 54 ˚C, 48 hours

If you’re patient, cooking tough cuts of meat like a beef short rib for a day or two can yield some remarkable results. This short rib is firmly in knife and fork territory. The cooked meat definitely has some chew to it, not unlike a rare sirloin, but with a more intense flavor.

8 Short Rib • 129 °F / 54 ˚C, 72 hours

With another day of sous vide cooking at this low temperature, our short rib has been transformed. This is really the culinary equivalent of turning a sow’s ear into a silk purse. It’s delicious.

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