Cive de Lapin (Conejo)


1 Rabbit
5 cloves garlic
2 large onions
Raw almonds without skin
3 Carrots
Thyme and Laurel
White wine
1/2 glass of water



Stir the rabbit with the garlic, salt and pepper, when it is golden, it departs.
In a pot put a little oil and put the two large onions chopped in the túrmix, thermomix or similar and the finely chopped almonds, to be simmered, about 4 minutes approx.

Add the rabbit, thyme and bay leaf, the three carrots in slices, a glass of white wine, salt and pepper, if it is very thick is added half a glass of water.

In the pot express 20 minutes or in normal pot approx 2 hours on low heat until the rabbit is undone.

To suck your fingers!

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