Roast chicken with yougurt and tarragon



1 Whole chicken
1 Natural yogurt
2 Teaspoons of Tarragon (dry or fresh)
Olive oil



1- Separate the skin of the chicken with your fingers, or with the handle of a spoon, taking care that the skin does not break

2- Mix the yogurt with the tarragon and salt

3- Divide the yogurt between the skin and the meat of the chicken. With a spoon, put it under the skin and with the fingers above the skin spread the yogurt. Try to be distributed throughout the chicken in the best possible way

4- If you have yogurt, put it in the chicken cavity

5- Salt the chicken

6- Put on a baking tray, previously heated to 190ºC / 380ºF, with the breasts upwards about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

7- 15 minutes before  spread the chicken with oil with a brush so that it browns and the skin is crispy

8- If you use a thermometer it will be done when it reaches 165ºF.

9 – It is really good,  if you few minutes before it is done, you chop it into 4 parts and put it in the oven the rest of the time. The sauce is impregnated in the chicken, delicious.

10- This chicken combines very well with white rice, the sauce with the rice to suck your fingers!

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