Stewed chicken with vegetables


(4 people)

Chicken drumsticks 5 per person

1/4 of Cauliflower

1/2 red onion

Green Pepper 1/2

2 tomatoes Sweets (compote)

1/2 Chile

1/2 can tomato 0 2 ripe medium tomatoes

1 can of artichokes in water

5 Mushrooms

2 sprigs rosemary

2 cloves garlic

1 small glass of white wine or port


1- Boning, remove the skin from drumsticks and cut into strips

2- Put olive oil in a pan with the garlic, set aside to prevent burning

3- Once seasoned chicken fry in the pan with rosemary

4- When golden brown and set aside reserve

5- Add the finely chopped onion to the skillet over medium / low

6- Put the pepper and chili.

7. Add the cauliflower into pieces (like small trees). This vegetable takes a little more than the other

8. When you see this haft cooked add the tomato tomato

8- Iincorporate the rest of the vegetables by cooking time, mushrooms near the end with artichokes that are already made, and the glass of wine …

9- You can really use all kinds of vegetables, it is a good recipe to get the remains of vegetables that are always in small amounts in the fridge

10. When the vegetables are ready to put the chicken and cook a few minutes to bind flavors, but taking care not to overcook vegetables soften

11- It is ideal let stand for a while rather than cook for the stew take all the flavor !!
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