Spanish Muffins

Ingredients for 18 muffins

50 g orange juice
Grating of an orange
200 g of eggs – the weight is shelled, and they are more or less about 4 small eggs –
200 g of sugar
200 g extra virgin olive oil with a mild taste
220 g of pastry flour – it is not bizcochona, it also serves a normal flour –
1 pinch of salt
16 g of chemical yeast for confectionery, what we know as yeast Royal -other countries powders for baking-


1. In a container that is not cold, beat eggs, sugar, and orange juice. Mix with a stick machine for 6 minutes.
2. Pour the oil into the container and mix 15 seconds with the rods.
3. Add the sifted flour with a strainer, yeast and salt. Mix the right with the rod machine. Add the orange zest, and remove.
4. Pour the dough into the molds of the muffins until a finger reaches the edge. There is no need to brush the molds: the dough is neither glued to the paper nor to the silicone.
5. Let stand 30 minutes in the refrigerator.
6. Preheat oven to 250 °, heat up and down.
7. Before baking, sprinkle the muffins with sugar.
8. Lower the oven temperature to 220º and bake for about 12-14 minutes, heat up and down. Average height, and on tray. Monitor the oven so they do not burn. Look at them without opening it. eye! Every oven is a world.

The recipe is from the book “Pastry and Confectionery with Thermomix”, and also serves to make them by hand. I have many great recipes, but I find in this recipe, that they last tenderly longer and are very fluffy.

If you do not like this recipe you can do what you like: there are thousands of blogs and baking books, but I advise you to apply these tricks to the recipe that is to your liking: they are infallible!

Tricky Tricks

There are only six:

Take care that the bowl you go to work on is not cold: that is achieved by putting it in a while with hot water. Just when you start, pour the water, dry it, and pour in the ingredients.
Let the dough cool 30 minutes in the refrigerator before putting it in the oven.
Put the sugar just before putting the muffins in the oven.
Fill the molds with a finger to the edge.
Put the muffin molds into oven-safe muffin molds, or if you do not have them, into metal flanets.
The oven must be very hot. Preheat to 250º, then lower to 220º when you set the muffins. I do not bake them with air, but you should try some time to check differences and see if your muffins respond best to baking with air.

Do you accept other flavors?
Of course. You can make them chocolate, adding two large tablespoons of cocoa powder, or putting in the dough that I have proposed a few pips of chocolate, or vanilla, lemon … Imagination to power. You just have to respect proportions of solid and liquid.

Flaws you can have

I am scattered wide: the dough has little body. Have you measured the flour well? Would not the eggs be too large?
I am left leaning slightly: you have baked with air, and the air of your oven does not bake everything alike.
Do not go up: will not you have forgotten the yeast?
When removing the paper capsule, part of the cupcake remains attached to it: the dough had a large proportion of liquids. Adjust it.
They grow to me in the width, not to the height: have you waited until the mass is cold? Have you used the right ingredients?
I’m a little fluffy: either your eggs were too small, or you have not measured the liquids well, or you’ve beaten the eggs and sugar a little.
They almost burn me !: your oven is more powerful than mine, lowers the baking to 210º and the preheated to 240º.
They got me up and then down: did you open the oven to see how they were going? Noooooooo! That is not done: you can only do it almost at the end.
I have been overwhelmed: filled the capsules too, next time a little less. Ayyyy! You had so many cravings that you have gone from putting dough

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