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Red wines

Classic wines, with a lively colour, fresh, penetrating aroma, light on the palate and of medium strength. In these Tempranillo is the predominant variety

Rosado wines

Very light, fresh-tasting and with a strong fragrance, lively pink colour and medium alcoholic strength. In these wines Garnacha is the predominant variety.

White wines

More or less pale, greenish yellow colour, fine aroma, light and not very strong. In these the predominant variety is Viura.



Guarantee of Origin.
Wines which have not undergone the ageing process.


Crianza Wines.
Corresponds to wines in their third year which have spent a minimum of a year ageing in oak casks

Vinos Reserva

Reserva wines.
Corresponds to selected wines with a minimum period of three years’ ageing between oak cask and bottle, with at least one year in the cask.

Vinos Gran Reserva

Gran Reserva Wines.
Corresponds to wines from great harvests which have had at least two years ageing in oak casks and three years in the bottle.

Rioja Vintage

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